Returning to my roots

Combining my experiences in nonprofit outreach, web development, graphic design and writing, with my education in ecology and environmental sciences provides a diverse skillset. My goal is to find a career to focus my passions for conservation ecology and human rights initiatives.

Capturing the attention of millions of people on social media can be daunting. Provocative call-to-action campaigns require persuasive fact-based language embedded in current social media trends. I understand the importance of catering to the needs of partners and like-minded supporters, by collaborating on storytelling to build lasting partnerships and promote cross-sharing.

Implementing bold outreach concepts and highly-engaging content, with a strong focus on brand consistency is my specialty. I have been interviewed on the local and national news, state public radio, and in print news for both non-profits and companies I have worked for, and for my own business.

Building lasting, professional relationships requires clear, concise language to suit diverse groups in a landscape of ever-increasing modes of communication. I’m able to covey the concepts of scholarly articles, current events, and ongoing research to cultivate diverse narratives while keeping tone consistency within each platform’s style variant.

I have a proven ability to work independently in a remote setting with little oversight and regular reporting. I’m seeking meaningful work within a company culture that is accepting and offers opportunities to connect in person and travel.

The gap in my work history is due to operating a small family farm, in addition to web development freelancing. We sold our farm and moved in June 2023 to start a new chapter. Milking goats in blizzards and chasing loose pigs in mud was tiring! It was also rewarding, and filled my heart with joy. I’m well-traveled, have humble roots, and love to learn. I am far from ordinary, and strive to be the best in everything I do.

My enthusiasm for driving change and diverse life and professional experiences are at your service. Please consider including me as a highly-motivated member of your team to passionately further your mission.